Dewaxed Bleached Shellac

Seedlac is dissolved in an aqueous-alkali solution, filtered, dewaxed and bleached with Sodium Hypochlorite to the desired color. The shellac is then precipitated from the solution with Sulphuric acid and dried.


Fruit coating, chocolate coating, protective coating is capsule & tablets in pharmaceuticals, varnishes for paints and printing inks, wood coatings, hot stiffening, cosmetics, electrical industries etc.

Grade : Dewaxed Bleached Shellac
Color Max. 1.5
Acid No. 75-90
Ash Max. 0.5%
Insolubility in hot alcohol Max. 0.2%
Moisture Max. 5.0%
Saponification No. 210-250
Wax Max. 0.2%