Tamarind (Seedless and with Seed)

Tamarind is the fruit of a large tropical tree grown in forests, orchards and as an avenue tree along the roads. It is mainly planted in South India and some other parts of India. It takes more than 10 years for the tree to start yielding. Tamarind trees bloom once a year, during July-August and the Tamarind fruits are ready to harvest by January-February. Each tree yields thousands of fruits. The size of each fruit is 10 cm to 15 cm long and 15 to 20 mm broad in a curved form. Each fruit contains 6 to 8 seeds. The fruit is protected with an outer shell of brown colour. These are called pods.

Our Product Range

Tamarind Fruit / Seedless Tamarind / Processed Tamarind The tamarind, after processing and packing by OMS, is distributed in the Indian and international market. We export seed tamarind without fibers to Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka, better known as 'defibered seed tamarind'. Fully processed, cleaned and hygienically packed seedless tamarind in 200gms, 500gms and 1000gms is exported to Far East and European countries.